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Lauren ...

Early golden hour provides such beautiful light and it shows with this Nature Center shoot. So many different places and greatly different lighting with each one. The spot couldn't have been more perfect for this senior, with beautiful weather to boot.

Lauren and Jennifer, it was lovely meeting you both. Thank you for allowing me the time and for allowing me to take your portraits. Lauren, Congrats on your senior year! I hope it is a great one and that you'll be lead in a direction that is very clearly designed for you. ~ B

Anna ...

Anna ...

A perfect evening at the Nature Center, that is what we ended up with for this shoot. Wildflowers everywhere, a slight breeze and sun glowing golden as the clouds would pass, creating a different look with every spot we would land in. This is a favorite place to shoot because each time ends up so different than the other.

Anna, it was a true joy wandering the center with you and your beautiful Mom. I can't believe your senior year is upon us. Thank you for allowing me the time and entrusting me with your photos. I look forward to seeing what this year brings you and your wonderful family! ~ B

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