This delivery was greatly anticipated. Mom and Dad worked hard to curate a plan that would fit well with their desires and we all prepared to welcome this sweet baby into the world. Angela (Mom) had connected with me months ago about photographing the labor and delivery and I was so thrilled to do that for this wonderful couple. We had decided that Angela would keep me posted but that I would ultimatetly hit the road about the time labor was moving into contractions at 5 minutes apart. Well, as life has it, things didn't go exactly the way we had imagined and this sweet girl, daughter number two, was delivered into the loving hands of her grandmother, as midwives and myself were still en route. To say that I was shocked when I arrived to see baby on Mom's chest would be an understatement but the smiles just couldn't stop. It was such a pleasure listening to Grandmothers and Mom and Dad recount the moments that led up to her brisk birth and I cannot say enough how amazed I am at their collectedness in the process. Angela is someone I know to be determined and creative, so it doesn't surprise me in the least that she was able to use these two great characteristics to the umpteenth in delivering her beautiful daughter, while her incredibly supportive husband and her own wonderful mother and mother-in-law went into action to bring this baby safely into this world.

Angela & Josh, thank you so much for allowing me into this vulnerable and beautiful season with you guys. While I wish I could have gotten those images of the process for you, it was a privilege to document the "after" arrival of this sweet bundle. It has been a pleasure knowing you and the love that passes between your entire family is a beautiful thing to witness. ~ B

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