To say that the city was "alive" on this night would be an understatement. We met just across the river in Newport for beautiful views of our Queen city and made our way through the old brick alleys and to the Roebling. We encountered folks sitting on the benches enjoying the Reds game, others walking from the grand festival that is Oktoberfest, a large crew of Homecoming go-ers, countless faces on the Roebling and even a Bride and Groom, smitten with one another. In all of that, this gorgeous senior had a ton of energy, even after having a rib popped back into place just earlier, while having so much love for our fair city and our wonderful sports teams. This beauty and her beautiful Momma are dedicated in their loyalty, which has surely influenced her decision for course of study, leaning her into one that I have no doubt she will do well in. Rachel and Linda, I had a great time wandering city streets with you two lovely ladies and look forward to round two on the field. Thank you so much for allowing the privilege. See you soon! :) ~ B


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