I was lucky enough to spend a beautiful Summer evening with this handsome group of wonderful young men.  These friends have known one another for quite some time and it was evident in the amount of laughing and comfort shared on this shoot.  We chose to stick around campus and take pictures where they've spent a great deal of their time the past four years and I'm glad we did.  These guys were genuinely easy to work with and you know you've got a good group of seniors when one of their coaches happens upon us and proceeds to comment, "These guys, not a trouble maker among them.  Not looking forward to them leaving".  Gotta admit that I loved the camaraderie shared between them and I'm looking forward to seeing where graduation takes these guys, regardless, I'm certain great things will be in store.  Thank you all, for allowing me the time, I wish you six a wonderful year, both on the field and off!  ~ B 


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