Washington Park and Over-The-Rhine are such beautiful places.  It is so easy to find unique variants of backdrops for a shoot within their parameters, so I'm always excited to wander with my client there.  And for a night in June, this one couldn't have been more perfect; the temperature cool and pleasing and a perfect blue sky, so naturally dusted with soft, sun splintered clouds.  Walking with this soon-to-be Miami University Graduate was easy.   Her beautiful smile and the wrinkle of her nose gave clarity to the joy that just resides within her.  It was simple to know that this gorgeous girl works hard but also knows when and how to enjoy life.  Shawnette, Thank you so much for giving me the time to shoot your portraits.  I hope that, as the years pass, you'll look to them with a great appreciation of the work and steps you took to get here AND that your photo loving Momma will have a special place to hold onto them.  I wish you much happiness and successes in the coming years! ~ B 


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