Who would have thought that Cincinnati, on the last day of May, would be comfortable enough to walk easily around Smale Riverfront and over the Roebling into Covington without breaking a sweat ... it was. And to top it off, these two beautiful people are folks that are easy to be around.  They exude genuine kindness and joy and the love they lavish upon their pup "Jax" has him craving their companionship even at a mere ten feet away because clearly just seeing them isn't enough.  And to say that Jax was a breeze to work with is an understatement, not only is he gorgeous but throw a treat around and the boy is on task times ten.  Tyler and Alexa, it was such a pleasure spending the evening with you all and I am so thankful you allowed me the privilege of capturing some family photos as you begin your wedding planning.  Congratulations!  I wish you many wonderful years full of uncontainable laughter, immeasurable joy and unconditional love. I hope that in twenty years you can look back on these images and smile because of the love you can see between you, all while knowing that it only gets better with each passing year. ~ B 


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