This beautiful couple was the center of this shoot in Glenwood Gardens.  From the moment I walked up to them it was easy to see the emotion between them.  Their smiles natural and the direct eye contact between the two more significant than in many relationships that are long and old and if it wasn't those simple, obvious indications of love; it was the way he would fix her hair, the way she would touch his face or even a simple glance while I was taking a picture.  These two laughed a lot and because of their ease with one another were so easy to shoot and produced some genuine emotion in their shots.  Casey & Montez, I loved the time with you two.  Thank you for entrusting me to your photos and for walking with me on a hot night in Cincy, for stepping outside of the norm a bit.  I look forward to seeing the future unfold for you two.  Much love! ~ B 


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