This sweet boy was wide eyed and incredibly chill the entire shoot.  And while a sleeping babe is easy to position this little guy was brute strength each time we placed him on his belly; holding himself up on his elbows, pushing with his feet, trying to lift his head.  It blew me away how strong this wee babe is and made me smile, knowing full well that his gorgeous Momma, Dad and big brother are gonna be kept on their toes keeping up with this guy.  He may be little and the youngest in the beautiful family but I'm sure his might will be obvious with each passing day and if he is anything like the rest, his strength won't only be seen in his physique but also in his intelligence and humility.  Tiffany, Shawn and Shawn, Congrats on on baby Adyn.  He is as handsome as they come.  Thank you so much for allowing me the time with you all, it was a true pleasure. ~ B 


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