French Park was home to this fun shoot.  We met and wandered around the main house on a grey, blistery night while this beautiful couple managed their three beautiful pups, the tangling leashes and the noses wild with new scents.  You can imagine that these playful critters were alive with enthusiasm as we walked the lawn.  I haven't laughed so much on a shoot in a long time; sweet Deacon the aging guy with his super soft fur, incredibly sweet feet and eyes so gentle they melt your heart instantly, Addy the spunky, curly haired girl who has to be where the action and the treats are, who can make you chuckle because she obvisouly just loves life and Lily, the young, shy, regal girl who listens unbelievably well and maintains a composure that just has you in awe of her genuine strength and tender nature.  This gorgeous couple has their work cut out for them but clearly love that these critters eeked their easy way into their hearts.  There is nothing quite like the love of a loyal pup and this family clearly knows how to treasure it times three. I have said it before and I'll say it again, I continue to be amazed that we humans have been so graciously gifted a love and loyalty in these critters, unmatched this side of heaven. Maureen & Erik, Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege to photograph your family and for allowing me the absolute pleasure of loving on your babes as I shot.  I wish you many more years of great love with these precious souls! ~ B 


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