I got to spend a morning following two, well one really, beautiful boys about.  The sweet older brother of this pair had his own idea of how to spend our time and I just snapped as much as I could.  His sweet demeanor and willingness to eagerly share his books melted my heart, while his gorgeous little brother patiently waited us out.  The important thing to remember in life, is that it is the "real" moments that provide great character. So even the days the wee ones dictate what happens are worth remembering.  When little feet want to run, snap, where there are tears, snap, when nothing goes as planned and two sweet little brothers have no interest in sitting together, go with it, because it won't always be this way and there is great blessing in the messiness of life.  And in truth, they're the things stories are made from anyway.  These two sweet boys were a pleasure to spend time with and their wonderful parents were deserving of a blissful nap.  Thank you so much for the time, you guys.  I look forward to more in the future.  Hoping we will have some beautiful weather on our next outing. :) ~ B 


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