You know that the soccer field is a great place for someone when they are one who never ceases in movement.  I'm certain this beautiful girl's parents must have figured out early on that sports were a good way to keep a always moving child moving.  We were lucky to have an evening that did not fail to be perfect and we were able to walk the many steps and sidewalks of the famed Ault Park together without incident.  One of the reasons, I love walking with my seniors is that they loosen up much quicker.  They begin to feel less self-conscious about their positioning and they get pretty creative about their session, that was no different for this gorgeous senior, though, she was pretty comfortable from the get go, perfecting the "forget that the photographer is there" way about her in no time.  Her comfort with herself and her surroundings allowed for many versatile and genuine shots and allowed me to laugh along the way.  Jenna, thank you so much for allowing me the time, I loved chatting with your beautiful Momma and wish you all the best as you venture into this new season! ~ B 


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