These sweet beauties were good enough to meet me at the farm and allow me the pleasure of walking with them.  We were lucky enough to see wee piglets and loads of chicks and the sun hit these faces with such a warmth that their sweet hearts illuminated the morning.  One thing I've learned with kiddos is that it is important to let them do their thing, to snap photos the entire time because there is no way to know what will happen next.  This is one of the reasons I love lifestyle shooting best, it easily captures the character; whether struggling with a little too much interest from a chicken, climbing every gate we see, stopping for a snack break or hanging in the stroller because little feet are tired ... The expressions are priceless and these moments when they're little pass too quickly.  Jackie and Chris, thank you for allowing me the time with your beautiful family.  Nora and Avery are beautiful and I genuinely enjoyed the time. ~ B 


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