That moment you become a mother, everything you know ceases and you are set down a path of incomprehensible change.  From the minute this girl came screaming into my life my heart was changed and everything I never knew I would want was wrapped up tight in a teeny blanket.  With this shoot, my mind wandered to sitting back seat beside our new daughter on the long, windy roads of the Monterey Peninsula on our first drive home. My husband driving the slowest and most cautiously he ever had.  We smiled uncontrollably as we both sat in disbelief that she was ours, while holding back our complete and utter concern that we could parent her well.  I remember her teeny frame overwhelmed by what was to be her "coming home" outfit, although newborn in size, giant on her preemie body.  Her beautiful dark brown hair soft and silky upon her perfectly shaped head as the car lulled her into a sweet sleep.  I remember holding her tiny fingers between my own and gently rubbing the wrinkles of her palms.  I can recall the overwhelming feeling swelling in my heart; the pride and gratefulness that shown in tears streaming down my cheeks.  I had no idea that the days would pass too quickly and the moments singing songs inspired by a purple dinosaur would be days I would, all too soon, miss.  I would watch this babe of ours grow into a beautiful young lady, who would handle countless moves and change that would have even experts rattled with an inner determination that exuded grace.  Freezing time with her on what was a warm Spring night had my breath taken away like the first moment our eyes locked.  We wandered together, not photographer and client, but mother and daughter laughing, joking and talking life.  At one point as she stood near budding apple blossoms, I lowered my camera to look at her and my mind instantly drifted back, tears accruing, in movie motion, through the eighteen years God has gifted me with His beauty.  To think that He believed me worthy of sharing in the raising of this treasure blows my mind and to think that this treasure doesn't know just how priceless she is, even more confounding.  To say that it was my absolute privilege to take these photos of our girl at the end of her senior year in high school, is an understatement that I just do not have the right sentiment for.  This girl, a subtle, yet prodigious stamp of God's love in this world and of whom I am forever grateful! Isabella Faith, you are more than you know; courageous, kind and inspiring.  You are compassionate, curious and intelligent, beautiful inside and out and your Dad and I are couldn't be more proud.  Thank you for loving us when we've gotten it wrong and for your gratitude when we've gotten it right.   Thank you for your confidence in us, your respect of us and your unyielding positive attitude.  We love you more than you could possibly know and are both so excited to walk out this new chapter with you! Forever prayerful over your journeys and steps beautiful girl! ~ Mom & Dad

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