46 years!  That is how many years this backyard has seen members of this family raised.  Each portion of this beautiful yard lovingly landscaped and sculpted with intent, the fowl that make this home, as in love with the space as I was.  And the beauty I was lucky enough to spend time with was fortunate enough to be sitting in the same spots her little tot feet ran around in.  I could imagine this lovely lady as a young kid, lost in a great novel, feet propped up, lying comfortably in a hammock lakeside.  The hours that she spent in this place evident through the love of her sweet grandparents as they spoke of her times there, a house lined with beautiful handmade art and personal detail rare these days.  It was only fitting to grab pictures of this beautiful girl in such a personal place. Olivia, I am sure there are so many great things to come for you and am so thankful you have such a love filled place to come home to as you venture into the new chapters of your life.  Mom & Dad, Grandmother & Grandfather, thank you very much for allowing me into your space and for providing the opportunity for me to spend with your beautiful & wonderful senior in this great season. ~ B


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