Sharon Woods provided a shady backdrop for this gorgeous Senior and her beautiful Mom as we spent a couple of hours together the other night.  Many folks had the same idea and hovered around the water and bridges as we found our way wondering the open green-ways.  The weather was perfect for our long walks and this pair was up for the challenge.  It was easy to gather that this blonde beauty is a hard worker bent on doing well in her efforts, from tennis play to a heavy load of AP courses but she had an ease about her that made me feel what would be overwhelming for another is a cinch for this gal.  The ambition is evident when she speaks and the love of loyalty and family big as she speaks of the potential of heading to The University of Virginia for her college education, following in the footsteps of her parents and brothers, a genuine and very rare legacy.  P & S, I wish you great adventures in this new chapter of life and trust that the sky is the limit for you!  Thank you for allowing me to wander with you both and grab a few pictures in this wonderful season for you! ~ B 


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