Another early morning shoot and I found myself in the beautiful backyard of this lovely senior. The grass still wet from the crazy weather we'd had the night prior and the sun peeked just around the corner of the house.  We moved about their landscaped haven of living stories, chasing the light as it stretched further and further into the day.  I could easily see why this was a sentimental place for Mom & Dad, despite the obvious comfort of "home", this gorgeous girl, their last, headed off to college in some short months.  We wandered the very yard she used to tip toe about in as a wee kid, climbing, racing and finding refuge in a treehouse formerly positioned in the exact tree we took pictures around.  We found ourselves in the chairs gathered around a fire pit that I am sure has seen many late night memories for this endearing family.  It was a calm morning, with a quiet that permeated everything as Mom stayed close and kept an attentive eye on her blue eyed beauty.  Such a bittersweet season for sure!  Kathy & Kirsten, thank you for welcoming me into your space and allowing me the opportunity to capture your portraits.  I greatly enjoyed the time at your wonderful home with you two and I wish you both great success in the coming year and beyond! ~ B 



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