City shoots are always a fun sort.  For this one, we found ourselves in Over-The-Rhine and Washington Park.  They aways lend themselves well to great images.  The old German architecture, the towering buildings and brick paved alley ways are amazing, even the graffiti is awesome in it's own right!  There is always so much life in these spots and it can easily add a nice twist to our vision.  This gorgeous Senior and her beautiful Momma were a lot of fun to stroll the city with and they were so open to venturing into different territory; walking into the middle of streets, under posted signage, sitting on private doorsteps, laying down in grimy alleys and even running through the fountains.  It is easy to find a new perspective on a shot in a place like this.  And if you can't find it, it's natural for passerby's to offer their personal thoughts on the composition.  One person sharing his concern over our choice of ragged old door frame versus the next one that was covered in beautiful flowers and fresh, colorful paint.  His statement along the lines of, "She's too pretty to be in that place" ... what he didn't understand is, that with this girl, that "pretty" begins internally and the radiance that comes from that can brighten the darkest and gloomiest doorstep on their own.  This beauty walked with a fantastic confidence that towered like the gorgeous buildings we stood between and when she kicked off her shoes and freely wandered barefoot, her joyfulness and contentedness were contagious.  Hanna & Michelle, it was a joy spending the evening with you two.  Thank you for the time, I wish you all the best for your Senior year! ~ B 


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