This was an early morning shoot, which isn't something I have often but I am reminded every time why I love them.  Each time, I receive remarkable greetings from a rising sun as I wind my way to locations and this morning was no different.  I drove the back roads to get to the Cincinnati Nature Center to meet this Senior and her beautiful Momma bright and early.  When we arrived, few other people were there and it felt that we had the entire place to ourselves, the only other inhabits being the Nature Center staff and the array of little critters that sang some sweet music on our way.  The air was fresh and mist still adorned the ponds.  The effects of the week's rain could be felt as we maneuvered our way through tall grasses, the wild Ohio botanicals and the the paths layed out for us.  This stunning girl, graceful as she was, was easy to shoot.  My camera loved her and those bewitching eyes of hers appeared as if they owned the light.  There wasn't a spot in Rowe Woods that wasn't illuminated by them or by her genuinely soft nature.  Spending the early morning hours, wandering a magnificent place with this lovely and her wonderful Momma was a perfect way to start the day.  Sarah and Maria, I am so thankful to have met you.  Thank you for allowing me the time to collect a few moments in this season for you.  Documenting these seasons is a genuine love for me and spending time with you two made it truly enjoyable.  I can not thank you enough! ~ B 


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