Nine days old and full of moxie.  This little gal was assertive in opinion about having her photo taken.  I was impressed with her already ability to exert her requirement on a room and considered how sweet her disposition in it all.  Her interest in the voices around her and specifically Mom and Dad, was beautiful at such a young age, almost appearing afraid that if she closed her eyes she was going to miss something big.  The perfect wrinkles that furrowed in her brow as she strained to open her eyes to her environment and my intrusion of it, had me swooning and her sweet feet that insisted on their own way were too beautiful to stay wrapped up .  It is clear to see that this button nosed beauty, teeny as she is, has made a big statement on her parent's world and something tells me she's not stopping there.  Her sweet spirit is an easy one to glimpse and there was no shortage of love and adoration in the room for this lovely little.  This newly three person family, clearly fueled by each other, reminds me just how precious this new season is.  I wish you three the best in life and am so thankful you allowed me time in the midst of such a special juncture.  


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