I enjoyed a beautiful evening with this gorgeous family on what happened to be their 20th wedding anniversary.  This fantastic couple was kind enough to allow me to snap pictures of their wonderful senior throughout the year last year and as we walked through French Park I remembered the first time I met them.  It was only one year ago and here we are, their gorgeous girl graduated and headed off to college in one short month. I am sure twenty years have felt the same for them.  It likely feels like yesterday that they exchanged vows, dreamy eyed about their future only to blink and find these four beauties in front of them and a lifetime of great memories behind.  I am certain the next twenty will pass just as quickly and with even more wonderful memories and blessings.  I wish you guys the absolute best of adventures moving forward. I am so thankful for our connection one year ago and yet can not adequately convey it.  Here is to many more amazing years, to a long life of great health and an abundance of love along the way.  Many prayers over you all.  


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