Pristine little lips and teeny tiny toes ... that is what this gorgeous girl is made of.  Shifting this newborn for pictures, holding her tiny frame, one easily remembers how quickly things change.  Just weeks before I was fortunate enough to meet her wonderful parents as they waited her arrival and with this shoot got to meet the girl that would change their world.  It is easy to look at wee ones and think there isn't much to them, their sheer size and fragility being what they are but the reality is, the minute they find themselves on this side of heaven they're the ones in charge.  Our hearts immediately cease to know life without them and we fall head over heels instantly in love with the new person in our lives.  This sweet babe was nothing shy of perfection; her soft whimpers as she informed us of her displeasure, her big wide eyes as she zoned in on the click of my lens and her sweet, wrinkly feet as she pushed her way out of the wrap that held her and the way she owned the hearts of her parents as I moved to snatch of few pictures ... this girl, this wee beauty, she is a game changer, without a doubt a world changer!  Thank you A & J, your sweet babe is a gorgeous one! ~ B 


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