Rain and cold were the preeminent weather patterns for the day and I wasn't quite sure we were going to be able to pull this one off.  Just minutes prior to arriving at Ault Park rain was pouring hard on the pavement but as if it was destined to be, the skies cleared and we were blessed to have not only glimpses of a beautiful sun, but the storm clouds around us.  This sweet family has been among my favorite people to see so regularly and it was wonderful to get to see their little guy go from a teeny babe to one nearly walking.  It is obvious, the love between these three, as I watch through my lens.  The smiles don't stop the entire time we are together.  Their joy is contagious.  I'm so thankful for their positive nature, for their visions and ideas with each shoot and have truly enjoyed being part of this new season with them.  It was so bittersweet to hear they are relocating.  It is expected that you become attached to your clients but this couple and their beautiful son have been such a pleasure to get to know and I lack adequate words for expressing my thanks to them for their ongoing support and belief.  L & S, THANK YOU, thank you, thank you.  I wish you many many blessings and look forward to hearing what God has in store.  I know you will do wonderful things in your new home and will be such a light to those who come to know you!  Much love! ~ B 


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