Several attempts at this session and we were finally able to connect under the grey blanketed skies over Sharon Woods.  This sweet duo drove down on what was Mom's birthday and what a great way to spend it ... wandering a familiar place with your graduating son?!  This pair was a lot of fun.  It was simple to see their ease of one another and so refreshing to see their "go with the flow" attitude, clearly a family that works well with one another.  These two were a breeze to work with as I dragged them on long walks to find light on a very dark evening, wandering through tall weeds, up steep hills and past families of geese.  N & D, thank you so much for allowing me the time and the privilege. D, your commitment and heart to your career choice is evident, I am certain there are great plans for you.  I wish you great luck and many blessings as you move into this season.   ~ B 


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