Many of you know the season ... the one in which you can think of little else outside of the preparing for a new addition.  The thoughts to nursery, names, future and the sheer fears of "will I know what I'm doing" ... the good news is, we all do just fine.  And just as you fall in love instantly with the new little person in your life, you seem to go into parenting mode in a blink.  These two beautiful people will be no different, I am sure.  They were easy to be around, a calm folk that seem to just resonate in their togetherness ... from the way they spoke to one another to the second nature fist bump for one another at the end of the shoot.  It is easy to see they've found their other half and I know it is going to be exciting when they meet and welcome their new daughter.  A & J, I am so thankful you allowed me the opportunity to shoot a few pictures for you.  Thank you for inviting me in and thank you for your generous kindness and welcoming personalities.  I wish you two the absolute best in all that you do.  From one previous California family to another, I hope that life in Cincy brings you face to face with some of your greatest dreams fulfilled with many blessings along the way! ~ B 


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