We had been looking forward to the rare opportunity of late, of a sunny evening in Devou Park with this guy ... boy did that change.  By the time we connected on this evening the clouds rolled in and we were confronted with overcast skies, thankfully the rain abstained.  I got to meet this humble young man and his sweet, determined Momma for a walk around the park.  We knew we wanted a rugged view for some of the shots so this Momma was able to locate the perfect place for us in no time and am I glad she did.   It worked out perfectly.  It's such a huge blessing to, even near the end of the school year, come upon seniors like this one.   This handsome guy is one that is easy to see has a rare humility and kindness about him, a laid back personality that makes you look forward to hearing more from him.  Have to admit I am anxious to see what you might do with a camera one day N, you clearly have an eye for the art and I hope that you're able to find the perfect mix in it for you.  I wish you so much great luck as you move into your freshman year at the University of Kentucky.  Thank you so much, J & N, for allowing me the time and giving me the opportunity to shoot ... I know there are great things to come. ~ B


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