Driving downtown to meet this senior and his family I noticed scores of folks leaving the Reds game.  It was great to see so many fans out early in the season and it provided a nice energy on what would otherwise have been, a quiet Sunday.  It wasn't long, though, before the masses made their way out of the city and this family and I were left with few wandering the river on the chilly day.  Gotta tell you, the smile on this guy is a good one and he had a great ease about himself that will likely bring great people into his life as he moves into his college career.  When asked if she'd enjoy her newfound "only child" at home status next year, his sister quickly responded, "I think I'm going to miss him", remarking to the time he spends with her.  It took me back to my days in the same position, looking forward to life "alone" with my parents but soon realizing that what I'd thought it would be wasn't what it was and that the missing part, was big.  This family is a good one and it was clear their pride in and love of one another, even in the small glances, gestures and the way they walked.  It was an absolute pleasure being able to wander the river with you all.  I wish you great successes in the coming years.  Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of grabbing pictures of your handsome hazel eyed guy and K, thank you for obliging me in the effort!  ~ B 


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