How can it be the end of a year, the culmination of many?  This gorgeous senior and her beautiful momma walked Smale Park with us the other night as we spoke to the eighteen years that have seemed to just slipped through fingers.  This duo was a close one, so uniquely connected in their care and keeping of one another that their love of one another was obvious.  The sun settled nicely over the riverfront as we walked about enjoying our city like so many around us; kids running and laughing through the fountains, whizzing down the slides and passerby's milling about admiring the view with the Roebling Bridge's impressive position just above us.  I am certain there were moments, as they prepare for the very near end of senior year, that this pair thought to this season.  I am sure, for mom, that it seems like yesterday this beauty ran and giggled like the many kiddos around us and now she speaks so eloquently of her future and her studies, her aspirations and plans as she ventures into a new chapter of her life, all while Mom smiled proudly and with an obvious confidence that her girl is gonna do well.  K & T, thank you for allowing me to capture a glimpse into this season for you and K, I am confident, as well, that you are someone with purpose and that your confidence and drive will take you far.  I wish you great luck and many blessings as you prepare for college!  ~ B


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