Daily, God gifts us so many opportunities to see Him in this world and meeting this little guy was no different.  Walking the winding halls of the hospital en route to grab a few shots for this family my mind wandered.  Life and death in one place, it was impossible to not feel God within those walls.  I walked into the large birthing room and noticed the little bundle wrapped up and bedside to his sweet momma.  His teeny squeaks and precious noises abundant as he tried to figure out, eyes wide open, the room around him.  Mom and Dad quiet and taking it all in as their new son, at all of 14 hours old, became their world.  Amazing that something so little is so big at the same time.  I immediately grabbed my camera and took as many shots as I could in the short window between the rotating door that had a numerous amount of nursing staff filing in to check on and check in.  The entire time I was there little "C" was awake, turning to the sound of Mom's voice and even listening to the shutter click on my camera.  There is nothing more prominent than the smell of a brand new baby to bring you round to your own mortality ... in a good way. It's a great reminder to pause in the moments; to notice the way grandma touches the sweet babe's nose, to see a reserved father kiss his new baby, grandfather raising his eyes to take note of his new grandson and a new mom glowing in the tired yet pride filled glean of realization that the job she has been nervously preparing for is reality and that the sweet baby across the room is her own.  M & S, your boy is beautiful and God has great things in store.  Thank you for allowing me to snatch some of these moments up with you.  Love to you all! ~ B 


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