Rain greeted us on this evening in Ault Park.  We sat waiting for the quick and sudden shower to pass and when it did and the sky cleared, we had a gorgeous night.  Ault park is never a place that lacks in beauty, it's vibracy compensating for overcast skies and, on this particular night, the rain actually complimented it.  My stunning Senior and her beautiful Momma walked with me throughout the park and they were up for anything, making it easy to shoot because this bright young lady remained so interactive in her surroundings and conversations with Mom and myself.  It was great fun shooting this beauty as she grinned and laughed the entire time.   Mary Lou and Becca, thank you so much for allowing me to take your portraits.  I am so thankful for your time and truly enjoyed meeting you both.  Becca, I look forward to seeing where you will go in the coming year and am certain you will find great success on the journey!  ~ B 


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