Devou Park on Friday nights can usually be found entertaining families, golfers and hikers, this time we encountered a very large bike race that had us dodging folks of all ages as their course wound it's way around our shoot location.  The weather, once again, was perfect and this handsome guy was easy to spend time with.  His confidence obvious but secondary only to his ease.  We even managed to lose oureselves in the heavy flow of bicycle traffic, as we made our way to the lookout, but I'm glad we made it.  I never get tired of the view and Cincinnati is such a fantastic it's always a pleasure to spend my evenings wandering it's parks with the likes of this handsome guy and his beautiful momma and cousin!  Spencer & Jaime, thank you for taking the time to meet me on your Friday night and for allowing me the opportunity.  I am sure God has amazing things in store for you both as this season winds down.  Wishing you all many, many blessings! ~ B


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