This Handsome guy and his beautiful Momma met me at Devou Park on a warm Sunday evening.  The weather was beautiful and we were able to freely enjoy the park as we wandered into several spots from the Behringer-Crawford Museum to Rotary Grove.  The park was bustling with folks, many of whom were enjoying a good game of golf in the unseasonably warm weather.  From there we found ourselves on the old brick roads of downtown Covington, where we admired the gorgeous architecture and character that was around each corner.  We could hear Reds fans cheering across the river as they watched their favorite team in the last game of the season.  I genuinely enjoyed the great conversation and ease of our walk with these two.  It was easy to see with these genuinely kind and brilliant folks that "beauty and handsome" aren't only skin deep in this fantastic family.  Thank you, Tina and Mason, for the wonderful time and for the opportunity to photograph the start of this new season for you all.   I look forward to round two on the Soccer Field with you both! ~ B 





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