This Sunday evening waned between beautiful sun and dark grey clouds though they were the kind of grey that doesn't leave you concerned about rain but instead has you loving the additional color they provide.  The weather was amazing and it seemed that most folks agreed because Smale Riverfront was full of families that had the same idea.  This beautiful family of three made their way up from the Lexington, Kentucky area to allow Cincinnati to play backdrop to this handsome guy's Senior photos and I was so grateful they did.  Not only that but we discovered we have mutual family members, so in a way, via marriage, we are related, that was a pleasant surprise and walking the river with them was just an added bonus.  It was a pleasure to hear about plans for the upcoming year and I know that while this charming and intelligent guy is looking forward to these plans, I suspect Mom and Dad are slightly less zealous about the leaving part.  Tim, Diane and Matt, thank you so much for meeting me in Cincy, for walking with me and for allowing me the privilege of capturing this season.  I trust that there will be amazing moments in the coming year and wish you all the best in what is to come! Thank you! ~ B 


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