Sometimes you get lucky and you get to spend an extra day with a wonderful person.  That is certainly the case with this senior.  She and her beautiful Momma were up to meeting me at the Cincinnati Nature Center for a fun night in November.  We were lucky to have amazing weather which allowed us to enjoy our walk.  The Center was a busy place with many people enjoying the evening as well.  So many families accompanied us, this senior's ears turned into the sounds of little people laughing as her long lashes would peer across our surroundings in search of the kiddos and as soon as she spied them a smile would cross her face. I truly enjoyed watching as the sun danced about the remaining golden leaves around us and highlighted this beauty's heart as it shown brightly through the entire time.  She walks with a natural pace that is quick, but sure-footed and a bounce in each step.  Her excitement of life comes through in her every word and her genuineness is evident just in her being.  She has an air about her that allows you to share in her joy and gives you a glimpse of her in years to come.  This stunning gal has a soft heart which will serve her well in life. K & K, Thank you so much for allowing me the time with you two. I can not tell you how grateful I was to see you again and sincerely hope the coming year is the best yet.  I am certain that whatever college you choose, K, they will be so lucky to have you.  I am looking forward to hearing what you choose and know that whichever route your life take that it will bless many around you! ~ B


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