Introduced to a new place I was eager to find great spots where the light shone through.  I was surprised when we rounded a corner to a sweet little lake and a hill that the kids couldn't keep from rolling down.  It was a beautiful little place in the middle of hustle and bustle.  This gorgeous gal and her Momma were a pleasure to walk the foreign park with and it was such fun being inspired by the trees ablaze with color and this senior's glowing eyes amidst them.  It was easy to find areas that offered cooler tones and others where light fell so differently, those spots the sun cast a huge glow upon.  More than willing to accommodate my constant changing of locations, she was an agreeable subject, one who, in every spot, complimented her surroundings with her beautiful Mom smiling the entire time.  I truly enjoyed hearing about future plans and chatting about change and the sheer size of this senior's graduating class, amazed at the lengthy grad ceremony ahead, but knowing that it's length and size doesn't diminish the season or hard work in getting there.  This was an easy going, every spot looks great, every smile perfect, every angle illuminated differently shoot.  Thank you so much M & M for the opportunity to walk this out with you, to capture this term of life for you, it was a pleasure spending the time with the two of you.  I am sure that the future holds great opportunity for you M, as you venture into your college season and I wish you great success in your years.  ~ B Gallery

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