One beautiful Sunday night, I got to meet this gorgeous senior and her talented & humble Momma.  As she made her way to me with a great big grin, her beautiful blonde locks bounced as she walked. I had looked forward to meeting this girl for awhile because she knew exactly what she wanted and was truly excited about the time, which makes my job just that much easier.  We chose a favorite, Ault Park and spoke about our plans and as the sun began to lower in the sky we walked about talking of swimming, jobs, growing up in the area, and the legacy of her Mom's business and what it naturally teaches her.  This girly has a smile that is unmatched because it is easy to catch a glimpse of her personality with one look.  You can't miss the raised eyebrow telling you that she means business in her all-the-time approach because there is serious sass behind that checkmark of a brow.  She moved quickly and spoke kindly of her friends and her extensive family, of which you can hear her love of and loyalty to.  She has a natural artisticness behind her great beauty and it is evident in the way she carried herself, spoke, what she wore and her pursed lip grins.  This girl is going to pave ways, I don't doubt that even in just this meeting.  She embodied a confidence that is rare in seniors and approached ideas with zest.  The time with this beauty and her beautiful Momma was such a pleasure.  Thank you for gifting me the time to spend with you two, capturing this time for you and allowing me the privilege, I truly relished the opportunity! ~ B Gallery

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