The family I spent time with on this shoot were such wonderful folks to be around.  I was lucky enough to meet all five and get to snap family photos for them as their time together is limited with all running in different directions.  It is so easy to fall into the pattern of time apart with two working parents and kids spanning Eighteen to ten, but these sweet people seem to understand the importance of time with the very people you were given in life.  We wandered the beautiful park as the boys ran and played football in the long greens with Dad and Mom, Senior and I set off to take pictures.  This gal's beauty struck me the minute I saw her.  She moved swiftly as she ambled along the sidewalks, her long frame lingering in shadow behind her.  Her sweetness obvious in her smile as she nervously laughed while I took pictures.  As I observed the surroundings with this tall beauty among them, her striking appearance, obvious.  She fit amongst the architecture and landscape with ease as if uniquely designed by the great sculptors herself. The colors of Autumn ablaze around her, framing her tender spirit.  She spoke softly about a future uncertain, but one she was excited about.  It is clear to see the skill and intelligence in this girl and I am certain great things lie ahead for this stunning gal.   It was a pleasure to spend time with you and your beautiful Momma, K, to see the boys running about with your Dad, awesome.  I am so grateful for the walk, for the opportunity to photograph your family, for being a part of stamping the envelope of this season for you.  It was a great enjoyment to spend the time and I am very thankful for the privilege, looking forward to more with you, you're one gorgeous gal.  ~ B Gallery

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