I arrived at this session a touch later than my norm due to a detour, so my senior and her Mom beat me there.  As I pulled into my space, I saw the two walking towards the car to meet me and I smiled, remembering how much I love what I do.  This senior carried herself with a natural grace enhanced only by her striking beauty.  We set about our direction and went to work walking in the midst of towering trees, listening to the crunch of heavy leaves beneath our feet.  The glow of Autumn's color complimented this beauty as if she was made for the season because with every spot we chose and every turn of light her large, green eyes shone like nobody's business and her smile glistened from ear to ear.  She and her beautiful Momma laughed together the entire time making this session one that put my senior at ease allowing me the opportunity to snap through beautiful candid moments and letting my lens see her so naturally.  She was easy to spend time with as we talked about family, friends, city and future.  It was clear to see the heart of this gal through her words and to learn that her level of kind and internal beauty is rare, just further explaining her outward beauty and charm.  Thank you two for allowing me the time to walk with you and to catch a glimpse of a sweet season for your family.  I genuinely enjoyed the evening with you two gorgeous ladies and loved laughing along side you as we strolled the center together.  Allowing me to capture these images is appreciated more than you know and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for you, K, as you walk like a beautiful light through this world! ~ B Gallery

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