The night with this lovely girl didn't feel like October at all.  The weather warm and the sun hung lightly as if it was late evening in Summer.  As we walked about the Nature Center the only clues to the season were the beautiful leaves underfoot and the trees ablaze with color.  This senior spoke delicately with a chuckle that resonated each word and I think that her inner strength was evident as she spoke of her hopes for a future abroad.  It was just the two of us as we slowly made our way through the trails and over the ponds.  It was an effortless walk as we listened to the rustling of trees and brush, standing near one rather heavy sound anticipating the arrival of a large bunny only to be surprised by the quick sprint of a teeny chipmunk.  Time with this gal was a pleasure and it is truly a hope of mine that she know her beauty, that it is uniquely and individually designed.  That she knows where ever she goes her wit and charm will serve well and her ability will surprise her.  Thank you for the opportunity E, you're one stunning girl! ~ B Gallery

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