Met this beautiful senior on a sunny day at Ault Park surrounded by large numbers of people as they each waited patiently for their photo opp of the massive and majestic steps that climb the hill.  We amended our plan because of the many photographers and the harsh light still in the sky.  We found ourselves strolling the park in an effort to dodge heavy shadows and avoid interfering with the many family shoots.  As we spoke we laughed at the echoes of preschool songs chiming in the air as adults worked hard to keep the attention of wily little people.  This tall beauty spoke fondly of her love of rowing and that she was looking forward to using this skill on her college team as well.  I appreciated her insight and love of Ault as she explained that she'd been running the greens since she was a wee one and I couldn't resist getting a shot of her sitting on her grandmother's bench.  This girly turned heads as her height and stunning beauty gave her away, but what I noticed most is that her smile was as naturally a part of her as her obvious intellect and strength.  Hard to believe this young lady is only a senior.  I am thrilled when someone finds their passion and is gifted the opportunity to use it further in life.  C, thank you for allowing me the chance to photograph you.  It was a beautiful day hiding from the sun and I wish you the absolute best as you venture north for your college years.  May warm and fond memories of Cincinnati follow you as you go!  ~ B Gallery

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