This beautiful senior, my wonderful model, and I met at Ault Park for a quick run around the Cincinnati gem.  Surprised by the few folk we saw as normally, there are many people buzzing about the busy place.  This evening was incredibly quiet making it easy to forget you were in the city parameters.  The pavilion and cascading steps are iconic and allowed this gorgeous gal to blend into it as if designed to be there.  The golden trees and beautiful botanicals were abundant as we selected our spots.   Standing atop the pavilion's roof for a 360-degree view of the surrounding Cincinnati area was breathtaking as this fantastic girl allowed me to catch some amazing shots of her.  The perfect breeze blew by, dancing with her beautiful brown tresses in a kind of Autumn show.  It was an effortless session as she spoke about school, family, and future.  This girl's beauty enhanced by her charm and intelligence I am certain she will encounter amazing things and opportunities.  Thank you so much E & family, for affording me the pleasure of photographing these seasons with you.  It is and has been, truly a blessing to me. ~ B Gallery

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