I met this beautiful senior and her dad at a simple place in Monroe first thing in the morning.  Driving up I knew the day would be a beautiful one as we were gifted an amazing sunrise en route.  When we arrived the air was crisp and the dew sent a sheen across the grass like shattered little shards of a mirror.  We wandered green covered ground noticing the hint of fall in the tips of the trees, as we looked for unique spots.  We settled on several that lent themselves wonderfully to this blonde beauty whose eyes were matched in their bright blue only by the dress she wore.  She had a simple, natural way about her with a laugh that was warm and welcoming.  She smiled with every word and as she spoke of the coming year she spoke sweetly of her family and those most important.  After some time there we headed to meet a favorite treasure, her horse.  We walked into the aged, red barn hearing the profound whinnies of its residents and made our way to the end.  This horse was a treat to meet as she is a true beauty and her personality that day an impish one.  It was evident the care this gorgeous senior put towards her horse, simply by the love extended from this massive creature back.  Strolling a muddy field trying to keep up with a feisty critter is no easy task, but it was a great deal of fun.  Capturing these two under a shining sun as they moved together in an exclusive kind of saunter allowed me a peek into their personal world.  I am so humbled that you allowed me the opportunity to capture this season for you.  Thank you for letting me tag along and for granting me the privilege.  I wish you unlimited blessings and think the opportunities infinite for you.  ~ B Gallery

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