Summer storms have always been an enjoyment.  Especially if at home, listening to the sound of crashing lightning and the echos of rain on the roof.  As a photographer, watching the percentages of digits rise or lower can be a real test of one's patience, and so it went with this session.  Friday, the prediction of weather volleyed around like a bee in a field of flowers.  This family and I opted to go with our date and ventured out to the beautiful Cincinnati Nature Center for what we hoped would be a beautiful night.  As I took the first shot below anticipating location, I could hear the rumble of thunder behind me.  And folks, this was the only shot I got.  The skies opened up and a disturbance began that had us seeking a new location in what appeared to be outside of the storm's path.  We drove through flooding roads, downed trees, hail and wind gusts that had rain blinding our path.  We never made it to the new location, but instead chose to try again the next night and I must say, we weren't disappointed.

We made our way to the spot above and were greeted by the sweet sounds of a young raccoon searching the mud for a tasty treat.  As we considered that a Momma might be present, we neared our spot hesitantly, while nodding acknowledgment of his space over ours.  As the little guy dined, he kept his eyes peeled on us, but we were swept away with the blunt button black of his teeny nose and the downy fur that lined his ears.  As we wandered other favorite spots, we listened to the sounds of a wedding reception, filling the atmosphere with music and laughter as they celebrated the start of a new life together.  This beautiful senior and her persevering Momma walked with me as we took in the sights and enjoyed the bright sun, reflecting on our experience the night prior, laughing that it was a session to remember.  As we rounded the corner to the playscape for the wee people of Cincinnati, we were face to face with the tender eyes of a spotted fawn wishing us a sweet salute with a simple curiosity of our business there, even granting us the divine pleasure of a photograph or two.  As we said goodbye to our new friend and continued our journey we were greeted by the white cotton of teeny tails of wee bunny babes as they bounced about the path in front of us and as we furthered our venture, hummingbirds danced together in the air above us.  We were enchanted by the critters that accompanied us on our outing, wondering if the world was offering a bit of an atonement for its behavior the night prior.  Around each bend, it seemed a new critter offering its own sweet apology.  It was no surprise when we came upon the pristine posture of a red tail hawk as he watched us nearing his position.  Sitting staunchly with pride just long enough as if to say, "I'll stand my ground just so that you may enjoy my beauty."  And with that he exited in supreme fashion as we witnessed his great wing span and a flawless retreat to the trees.

The great companionship of our furry and feathered friends had me feeling as if this session was written out for a fairy tale and believing that perhaps they were observing what I was as well....this beautiful senior had a natural genuineness that oozed about her as she softly spoke. Her smile reflected a sweet and serene confidence that would have eased a hardened person.   As the sun hung softly above us and the sky began to settle into a darkening blanket of clouds, that would soon offer a thundering applause to our finish, I was incredibly thankful for the experience and quietly delighted that this is my job.  Thank you, so much for allowing me the opportunity to pin time in this season for you guys.  It was absolutely a joy to wander those trails and share the experience.  ~ B

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