Today we shifted direction.  We chose a different route than the one we'd previously selected for our little guy and that's ok.  In fact, it's better than ok.  Much.  While I am "feeling all the feels" over it, as they say, I know that our shift is a good one and trust that God will lead and cover the rest of the way.  As we have struggled with this decision, throwing around what the right thing was and how much it would impact Shepherd either way, or what already had, I was reminded of a commentary I wrote a couple of weeks ago.  I laugh because I wrote this inspired by my sweet boy and today, we are walking it out with him.  Figured I'd share the commentary here, because you never know who could use the reminder that there are paths laid out for us and that sometimes they're steeper than others, sometimes we have to change course a tad, but we have someone that will always walk them with us.  These new paths or unknown journeys don't have to feel overwhelming because the One who loves us best is leading.


Writing prompt  ... "Our hearts become recalibrated to True North as we lift our eyes off of self and circumstances. When we trust God with our very life-breath, we can stand firm in the knowledge that He controls the whole course of our lives".

My 5-year-old son recently told me that he doesn't like "The Nature". Stunned, but at the same time not surprised, I encouraged him that it would grow on him. By "The Nature", he means hikes. We live about two miles from a beautiful park (Of which this city is riddled) with wonderful trails and creeks and views. Our family will often head that way for a quick jaunt on a trail or for a little "creeking" and clay hunting. It is a simple way to be one with the world God made, an easy fix for forgetting our troubles and drawing closer to word from God and each other. We know most of the trails there very well, fortunately they aren't terribly long and there are slight tree markers along the way, so it's not likely that we'd get lost or not see someone at some point. I never worry about losing our way, but he continually does. Nearly the entire time we walk, he will ask, "Are we lost?". The number of times he, alone, has been there is great and yet each time, he fears we're misguided. I realize that the towering trees and steep steps must be overwhelming to his sweet mind and that he must feel so out of control because he can't "see" where he is going and everything is so big. He will enjoy himself, but he will only venture a few feet at a time from me and he won't touch anything he doesn't recognize. He is incredibly hesitant to try a new trail or cross downed trees for another perspective. So nervous, is he, that while shopping for new sneakers, he asked for ones with the compass in the toe, "just in case". Mind you, he doesn't know how to read a compass yet. :) I continually assure him that we will make our way out and that I know exactly where we are, my words will fall upon his ears, but until we break through the line of trees to open greens, his little heart is ongoingly troubled.

Aren't we much like that? Because we can't see where we are going or aren't certain what our future looks like we walk through this life nervous about our steps and encounters, constantly asking, "Are We lost?" We fear the treading of water and muddy inclines because we would prefer a surer footing and a gaze at an open life and picture. Our pride and fear cause us to stay on the course we are most familiar with, most comfortable with. When we fall into these comfortable areas it is so easy to be entirely dependent on ourselves, which serves to fill us with pride because we "know" what we are looking at, we know the way, we know what to expect ... but sometimes we were meant to veer a different direction, to take another approach, to walk in uncomfortable places, and stay in the midst of towering things longer. Our God is not in a box and walking His way sometimes requires that we close our eyes to the path in front us and let Him lead entirely. God is not only our moral compass but our literal one. If we stay close to Him as we walk, we can trust that He will not lead us down a wrong path. He knows what lies ahead and He will ensure that we make it to the wide-open greens of our lives. So just as my son has to trust me as I walk him into "The Nature", I seek to trust God blindly with my footing, trust that He will see me through to the other side of all seasons and that He won't leave me in the midst of overwhelming situations. And that, as I follow Him, I may even get to see some amazing things on the way. ~ B

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