I am one lucky girl to get to spend my weekends wandering about beautiful places with some of the friendliest people you'd find.  I knew that would be the case for this shoot, what I didn't know is that it would be times 100.  We arrived at the Cincinnati Nature Center on what was their Hoots and Hops night.  There was the obvious fragrance of ale in the air and countless sweet smiles of staff and visitors roaming the trails along side my senior and her Momma.  As we maneuvered through the attending Cincinnati Observatory's incredible scopes set up for night viewing, we were greeted with kind words and laughing people the entire time. Good strangers jumped in for a quick game of photo bombing as they'd pass through, offering compliments and congratulatory accolades to my beautiful senior whose glowing eyes glistened & changed amazingly as the sun's dancing rays landed upon them in different places. This girly fit perfectly among this reserve, sitting amidst lace-y flowers enhanced by her smile, while the grasshoppers skittered about as if speaking a fitting "how do you do?" to this lively beaut.  It was my absolute pleasure spending the evening with this charming chica and her beautiful Mom.  Thank you so much for granting me the opportunity to record this ticket in time! ~ B Gallery

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