I believe one of the most underutilized gems in Hamilton County is the Cincinnati Nature Center.  This place has trails that seem new every time, a play scape like no other and countless critters just waiting to be noticed.  It is among my favorites for  sure, which is why meeting this beautiful family of five there for photos was an easy decision.  This gorgeous family wandered through the park with an ease, grace and happy that was so naturally them. Their interactions oozed love and patience and it was absolutely a pleasure following them around the center; watching the kiddos spot tadpoles, listening to their squeals of delight over the sounds of the very nearby bull frogs, hearing the pitter patter of sandaled toes across the wood walkways over the water.  There is nothing sweeter than watching little people discover the things around them and it made this shoot a cheerful and spirited evening of fun. ~ B Gallery

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