Hi, I'm Betsy.  My approach to photography is a natural one.  
I find the best most accurate photos of someone are those you get in a spontaneous moment.  I love seeing someone come through as themselves.  

Folks should feel organic, not stiff in print.  Families don’t have to feel the need for massive amounts of makeup or perfect hair. I am a come as you are type of photographer who wants the images my clients get to be more than a “He or She looks fantastic” but also, “This is so them” style of photo.  I pride myself on a real shot, a clean one, not one over made or edited or with misrepresentation of who my subject is.

I like to capture the character, the story, not just the shot.

And Finally, what you need to know about me personally; for starters ~ I fell in love with photography a long time ago, I’ve moved country wide my entire life, my heart is always for the underdog, I love all things tasty, kind and Jesus (not in that order), my husband & kiddos make me tick and taking pictures is, to me, capturing more than occasions, it is seeing God’s great work through my lens! It is “Phosgraphe-ing” – writing with light.

~ B ~ 

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